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Cool tshirts for those who ROLL AT A HIGHER VIBRATION

About Rockaste

Edgy Esoteric T Shirts

Esoteric clothing for those who roll at a HIGHER VIBRATION. We at Rockaste want to do our part to expand the collective conscience and what better way than through esoteric clothing and t shirts! Our hope for the Rockaste brand is to inspire people to talk to each other and learn from the interactions. We also want people to feel good about themselves, so we put inspirational sayings in the neck tag section of our tshirts. Sometimes a quick reminder to love yourself can change the entire course of your day, which can in turn send a ripple of positivity out into the world! All this from cool tshirts!

Comfortable AND Cool TShirts

100% Cotton t shirts to help raise the Collective Conscious and bring us all one step closer to loving one another unconditionally. Our edgy, esoteric designs are created to inspire conversations from strangers. Joining energies one t shirt at a time!

5% for homeless youth

Rockaste donates 5% of tshirt sales to help homeless youth. Sometimes all it takes is someone showing you they care to change your life in positive and drastic ways. Rockaste would like to encourage all of you to get out  into your community and help make a difference in someones life.


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